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Our Investment Criteria

We are dedicated to investing in small and medium-sized businesses. 

We are prepared to co-invest and partner on opportunities, and are open to minority or majority stakes as well as facilitating a full exit.

Typically, our client will be an owner from a privately-owned business who is looking to:

  • Strengthen their leadership team, through hands-on support so that the company’s growth potential can be realised.

  • Retire with an orderly exit.

  • Turn the business fortunes around and needs assistance with the recovery process.

  • Sell a part of the business as it is no longer core to their existing operations or strategic direction.

The business has a good management and there is a strong cultural fit.

By and large, we make investments with Enterprise Values / Transactional sizes of €1m - €10m.

In general, the business should be operating for a number of years, and have strong fundamentals. We target investments into businesses with an annual EBITDA up to €5m.

We specialise in investing and growing companies in the tourism, manufacturing, food, consumer brands, telecoms, renewable energy and technology sectors.

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