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Who we are
We are a boutique private equity firm that specialises in manufacturing, tourism and technology investments.

We operate within the Principles of Responsible Investment.

Discretion, trust, integrity and honesty are key principals that we uphold.

We have a strong record of accomplishment and delivery. We will help our partners achieve their ambitions by bringing a lot more to the table than just financial capital.

We like to understand your business from start to finish. This allows us to
effectively support its management on an operational, strategic and financial level. 

We recognise that great teams build great companies and so building meaningful, close relationships lies at the heart of our success.

Why work with us?

As a group of individuals who have either started their own businesses or managed the business for other entrepreneurs, we know what it is like to be a business founder and the everyday responsibilities that go with it.

Our goal is to help businesses deliver to their full potential and we do this through financial investment, hard work and hands-on management support where or when needed.

We are a small team, which means that we can be flexible, act decisively and reap the benefit from quick, high-quality decision making.

​We are a highly-committed, results-orientated group of professionals with extensive commercial experience and a record of accomplishment for growing international businesses.

​We can provide short or long-term human resources to compliment your team or access to local and international connections to assist you in finding new markets.

Our investments are not time constrained and we are happy to invest for the long term.

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Case Study:
Irish Flexible Packaging

Irish Flexible Packaging was co-founded in 1991 by Eamon Farrell to service the Bakery industry. Since its formation, it has been committed to providing its customers across the world with dependable and innovative flexible packaging solutions.

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